Reading Faces in Perm

Perm, once the gateway city into Russia's Siberian prisons, is certainly not America. But this city of one million has a symphony, public transportation, sports teams and the same hustle of post-industrial commerce you can find in modem and mechanized cities all over the world. If you're half tuned out, you could pretend to be in America.

In Perm, the most intriguing details were written in the physical characteristics of its citizens. From the blazing red hair, to the intensity in the eyes, traditional clothing — everyone captivated my lens.

It was a photographer's dream having access to a population that had always been so foreign to me. As I continued to collect these street portraits, I decided to include extensive negative space because the place, like the people, seem at first familiar, but then, the more I contemplated the details, the more information I realized I was letting slipping past my frame.