"What does hope mean to you?"

Anthony: "It means Jesus Christ — that's it. That's all the hope I got. That name says it all for me. I was homeless and slept under a bridge for many years, smoked crack for many years, but I've been clean for 10 years. I had a near-death experience smoking crack one day. I reached down to grab the crack pipe, and my chest started hurting. When I went down to grab it, something hit me in my chest and knocked me back on my bed. I heard a voice say, 'I'm tired of you doing what you're doing.' All of of a sudden I came out of myself floating above my body looking down. An angel said, 'Let me show you what you're doing.' And all of a sudden flames started coming up and people started reaching out of them flames. And the angel asked if that's where I wanted to spend eternity because that's where I was going. 'Let me show you what He can give you,' he said, 'What do you want to do?' At that moment, I said, 'Jesus, I want to live for you.'"