Blue Magnolia Films

"What's the most inspiring thing you've learned in the years that you've documented Mississippi creatives?"

Chandler: "It's the people who go out on a limb and do the idea that people tell them they can't do. They make it happen, and for me, that's inspiring. That's what makes the world go around."

Alison: "It's the people, who against all odds, find ways of succeeding anyway. They combine their untapped or new resources and make it work. We like the term 'yaysayers' instead of naysayers. Everybody we've documented through these stories has had naysayers that have told them what they're doing is impossible — there's no way that what they're doing will work. Every creative that we know has actually worked hard themselves and engaged with supportive 'yaysayers.' That's how they manage to do the impossible. That's completely inspiring, and it happens every day."